When someone mentions snacks, most people are not likely to relate it to healthy and nutritious food. All diet experts suggest giving up on snacks if you want to lose weight. However, it is possible to live and eat healthy, but still be able to nibble something while you watch a movie.

Why are traditional snacks dangerous?

When we eat snacks, it is more because of a ritual than actual need for food. Many people like too much on something while watching TV or working. This habit is the worst enemy of healthy life and weight for two reasons. First, while we are occupied with something, it is difficult to keep track on the amount of food we eat. Second, this kind of food is full of saturated fats and simple carbs, which largely contribute to gaining weight.

If you plan to lose weight or simply want to improve your diet and lifestyle, snacks are among the first things you need to change. Fortunately, there are ways of keeping the habit and still being able to look and feel good.

What to eat instead of traditional snacks?

There are plenty of ways to keep your favorite habit, but turn it into something non-harmful for your health and weight.

Popcorn is a great choice if you want to fulfill the need for snacks while watching TV or working. What’s more, it is one of common snacks to eat on such occasions. Three and a half cups of popcorn have only 100 calories and they contain fibers that are good for digestion. But, you need to avoid butter when you make popcorn, and reduce the salt as well.

There is a type of food that you can eat all you want – vegetables. They are ideal for the preparation of snacks, and the best known vegetable snack is tasty kale chips containing only 34 calories per cup. Vegetable sticks or vegetables cut into other shapes can also be a great, healthy snack. Chopped cucumber, carrot or celery sticks are tasty and super-healthy snacks. With the sticks prepared this way you can also serve some sauce, such as hummus or other vegetable dip.

Naturally, fruit is also a good choice, especially if you prefer sweet snacks to savory ones. You can cut it any shape you like and sprinkle with cinnamon or ground ginger – not only they add to the taste, but they also help speed up metabolism. You can also make fruit chips, and the version with the least calories is apple chips.

Snacks between meals and instead of meals

Another bad habit many of us have is eating snacks between meals. Fortunately, you can also keep this habit without harming the health and weight by eating healthy versions of snacks. Keep in mind that vegetables are a type of food you can eat as much as you like. So, when you feel like having a snack, grab a carrot or a pepper instead of a bag of chips.

Sometimes we are forced to skip a meal, but according to TheDietDynamo.com’s review, this is also a situation when many people simply buy a bag of chips. There are much healthier alternatives to this, even when you do not have fresh fruit or vegetables at hand. Dried fruit, seeds and nuts are full of fiber, nutritious and delicious. They give you the necessary nutrients and keep you full for a longer time. Therefore, while you are at a store, grab a trail mix instead of those overly salty and unhealthy snacks.